Connect 2 Families is passionate about the consultancy services we have on offer. Our unique blend of experience within safeguarding, early help, criminal justice system and youth work means we are able to offer advice and direct support to our clients which will generate the most appropriate, advanced, sustainable and cost effective solutions. Our consultancy platform comprises of the following:

btn.png Strategy and policy writing. This includes advice and direct support in delivery of your communication plan, which is all based upon current research, policy and practice;

btn.png Developing a resilient workforce and secure base model. This will maximise the opportunity for increasing the volume of high impact early help case work, thus reducing referrals to social care and minimising the likelihood of families being caught between early help providers and children’s social care.

btn.png Workforce development. Ensuring training and evidenced based methodologies are the right ones for your organisation.

btn.png Domestic violence consultancy. This includes service/s review, identifying gaps in impact and delivery, opportunities for new development and crucially does your organisation meet your statutory safeguarding requirements as set out by Ofsted?

btn.png Criminal justice consultancy. Our extensive knowledge of safeguarding within this arena means we can advise and support the development of services within Probation, Police, Prisons and Youth Offending Service.

btn.png Change management consultancy. Culture change across organisations is an integral element of programme success. Staff maybe imagining failure. Expert advice and support in this filed of work, giving a clearer understanding of genuine motivation and commitment will promote respect on all sides and a shared value base on which to enhance pioneering, transformational working practice.