“Research messages indicate that both one-to-one supervision and team supervision can promote well-being, team morale, effective case management and efficiency in service delivery.”

Maintaining staff is critical to service delivery to ensure frontline practice isn’t in jeopardy of becoming less efficient or effective or inconsistent. At the heart of this conundrum and central to success is staff resilience. Being resilient does not mean never experiencing problems or anxiety, nor does it mean emotional feeling are absent. Rather, it’s how staff deal with these situations as they arise. 

In ensuring school staff feel positive about delivering early help and confident in moving this agenda forward, Connect 2 Families offers a Supervision and Mentoring Programme (SMP), which provides a ‘secure base model’, from which school staff can operate, ensuring confidence increases, standards are raised and ultimately securing a confidence team to effectively manage early help and engage in productive dialogue with children’s social care. Realising the potential for long term sustained change to case work throughput is paramount and will be realised on completion of the programme.

Supervision and Mentoring Programme, what does this look like?

btn.png Mentoring of those key school staff with oversight for early help interventions;

btn.png Embedding ‘reflective supervision’ and ‘pro-social modelling’ training delivered as part of the programme package.


btn.png Observation of practice to ensure knowledge and skills gained through training and mentoring is both rigorous and robust and making an impact on the lives of children and their families within your school.

btn.png Finally, appreciative enquiry will be endorsed as an evidenced based methodology to highlight and drive forward outstanding and good practice.

What will be the impact of this programme ?

btn.png Ensure children and families receive the right help at the right time;

btn.png Improved school attendance and attainment;

btn.png Children are more able to demonstrate emotional resilience and self esteem needed to realise their educational milestones;

btn.png Raised confidence and self esteem of staff in tackling this demanding area of work;

btn.png Leaves teachers to teach;