Our training at Connect 2 Families supports the belief that change comes from the inside out. The training platform is continually evolving and comprises of the following.

btn.png Advanced Safeguarding – Deepening the knowledge and skills in child sexual exploitation, child criminal exploitation and extra familial safeguarding;

btn.png Reducing the Risk of Offending – Youth Crime and Violence. Young people will actively shape how services work with them to find new solutions and innovative practice by young people, practitioners and managers working collaboratively on the programme;

btn.png Pro-Social Modelling – Providing effective work with involuntary clients and helping abused children and their families;

btn.png Domestic Violence and Understanding Coercive Control;

btn.png Professional Exploitation and the Implications this has for Professional Boundaries;

btn.png Risk and Need – Understanding the Dynamics of Decision Making;

btn.png Mind, Mood and Attitude – Unsure what mental health well-being in schools means? We can help;

btn.png Connecting 2 Fathers – Our exciting new programme recognising one of our most valuable assets in society;

btn.png Reflective Supervision;

btn.png Change Management – Providing insight into individual and organisational behaviours and its impact on safeguarding. How to instil motivation in the workforce in a climate of uncertain stability and frequent service re-design;

btn.png Transitional Safeguarding into Adult Services;

btn.png Allegations Against Staff and Effective Management.

Suite of Enhanced Training

To further enhance professional’s skills and knowledge in delivering early help post Induction, Connect 2 Families offers a suite of specialised training, which include the following packages:

btn.png Motivational Interviewing.

btn.png Pro-social Modelling to support positive behaviour change for children, young people, their parents and/or carers. This also links closely to professional boundaries and will enable professionals to recognise when to regulate their own behaviour whilst working with families.

btn.png Risk and Need - Understanding the Dynamics of Decision Making, which will include how to assess and manage risk.

btn.png Safeguarding in Schools. It might seem like mission IMPOSSIBLE but at Connect 2 Families can help you through this minefield, for us it is mission POSSIBLE.

btn.png Mind, Mood and Attitude. Unsure what mental health well-being in school means? We can help.

btn.png Reunification – The End Starts at the Beginning. Research has shown that significant transition point for children, young people and their families, if not carefully managed, can result in children coming back to statutory/specialist services, for example children leaving care to return home after a care order has been discharged. A ‘soft landing’ supported by high quality assessments/plans and ongoing co-produced community relationships are proven to significantly improve the likelihood of sustaining relationships within the family home.

btn.png Fathers stepping up to parenting.

btn.png Therapeutic work, specifically Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

How will this support your agency ?

Our high quality personalised training will achieve:

btn.png The greatest impact in meeting your targets, including those for Ofsted and HM Inspectorate of Prisons;

btn.png Confident staff teams, supported through mentoring to embed the training into practice;

btn.png Opportunity for children and young people to actively shape how services work with them;

btn.png Space for organisations to be creative with their ideas and develop innovative interventions in working with their respective service users;


btn.png Opportunity for organisations to build resilience and positive relationship change through collaboration and a shared training experience;